"Brain Freeze" is a blend of textured heavy beats: bass, trap, wonky, footwork, leftfield, grime, and broken beat. A dense mix, combination of trickling thick layers of thrumming synths, cold sharp snare bursts, and loud, massive, striking bass drums. To be listened to while creating, chilling with friends, exercising, or driving long distances at night..


Nearly an hour of Jazz Samba, Bossa Nova, and MBP (Música popular brasileira). Colourful Jazz music tinged with Afro-Brazilian rhythms, exotic flavours and joyful percussions!


A smorgasboard of bossa nova, musica popular brasileira (MPB), afro-cuban, psychedelia, rumba, latin & funk. From Venezuela, you can listen out for snippets of Joropo music, a native folk rhythm similar to Spanish fandango with it's the use of triple metre, guitar, castanets, hand-clapping, and accompanying dance.

Bossa nova, MPB, afro-cuban, psychedelia, rumba Mix by Xan


"Soundtrack of the Revolution" As Sisonke Msimang, writer of 'Always Another Country', eloquently puts it in four words. Soundtrack of the Resistance. A genre formed, moulded, re-invented to fight against an oppression; a musical method of a struggle visualized in blocks, cross-rhythms, chromatics, lydians and vamps - audible artworks designed to shout out the injustices. South African jazz was born into the Apartheid system and with its' birth came the growing of a bitter confrontation. This mix is in celebration of the otherworldly talent that has come out of South African jazz. A salutation.​

Soundtrack of a Revolution a mix by FloFilz & Gabriella Achadinha ​ South African Jazz


An exclusive mix by TSUTCHIE composed of tunes selected from the two soundtracks he made in 2004 for Samurai Champloo anime series, "Masta" and "Playlist". 45 minutes of instrumental hip-hop and broken beat gems that will plunge you back in the classic anime from the author of Cowboy Bebop.

Samurai Champloo Mix.jpg


"Sure Enough" is an instrumental drum-based music mix composed of about 20 tunes from some of the best current producers - The Gaslamp Killer, Boards of Canada, Dday One, Mister Modo, Jel.. - the 40-minute mix adventures in different territories, and immerses the listener in a cinematic atmosphere. It explores different soundscapes, and flows through various atmospheres, sometimes dramatic, sometimes joyful, even humorous.

Sure Enough Mix hip-hop downtempo breakbeat psychedelic


"Musik und Foto" by Dresden based producer/beatmaker Cuthead. A one hour mix exploring a wide diversity of musical universes from hip-hop to soul-jazz.

Cuthead Music und Foto Mix


The mix is composed of 38 tracks, including interludes sampled from Fantastic Planet movie, a selection of compositions from the o.s.t. and some indie hip-hop tunes containing samples from it. You will also find a special MF DOOM / Run the Jewels mashup song. The mix also comes with an original illustrated cover. Let's dig deeper into the modern universe of "La Planète Sauvage", and highlight some stuff that you might have missed out.

Fanatastic Planet La planète sauvage Hip-hop mix


A special edit mix version of the 8th release of the legendary Mushroom Jazz Volume series, by Chicago based DJ/producer Mark Farina. An hour of acid jazz and instrumental hip-hop from artists like Emapea, Freddie Joachim, or Jazz Spastiks to name a few.

Mushroom Jazz 8 Mark Farina Hip-hop Jazz Breakbeat


A 7 inch record only mix Austria based Zuzee from DJ/Producer crew Waxolutionists. Almost an hour of instrumental hip-hop and breakbeat rare gems selected by the turntablist.

Zuzee Waxolutionists hip hop mix


Los Angeles producer Free the Robots's cinematic journey into experimental psychedelic grooves, abstract Hiphop and impro jazz . All pure hearing delights finely selected and mixed by the expert!

Free the Robots mix hip-hop psychedelic jazz breaks


DJ Damage of Jazz Liberatorz delivers a high quality jazzy and soulful hip-hop mix. 50 minutes of boom bap tunes from some of the finest producers and emcees from the current scene, selected and mixed together with dexterity by the French connoisseur.

DJ Damage Jazz Liberatorz Mix Jazzy Hip Hop


Spiritual Jazz is a style that emerged in the 1960s. Here's one hour of some of the best songs that were made during the following decade, by some of the most iconic pioneers of the genre, such as Don Cherry, Pharoah Sanders, the Pyramids, or Mc Coy Tyner for example. 

70s Spiritual Jazz Mix Dckne


One hour of 70's Jazz Funk & Soul Jazz grooves picked by Dckne from CTI Jazz Records catalogue. CTI for "Creed Taylor Incorporated", a label that became independent in 1970 and flourished during the seventies. The label also became part of hip-hop history by having a major part of its catalog sampled by numerous producers to create a great number of hip-hop classics.

CTI Jazz mix Dckne


Tsun-Zaku is a multi talented artist from Fukuoka, Japan. DJ, producer and illustrator, he's also a member of "Zeroreality" & "Tropical Chest Hairrrs" collectives, and the owner of a secondhand bookshop named "Anamon" in Fukuoka. His "「大暑」Extreme heat 2018 夏" is a unique kind of a mix, a great journey into abstract-experimental Japanese music : jazz, hip-hop, spoken word and dark techno.

Tsun-Zaku - 「大暑」Extreme heat 2018  夏


"80s Japanese Fusion Summer Mix vol.1" was removed from Magical Mystery Mix' youtube channel a few months ago. Here is the latest version of the mix that was supposed to be re-uploaded to the channel, which includes a new track listing as well as a new tribute art cover. It will never be back on youtube due to incessant copyright strikes on the tunes the mix includes, but you can listen to it via our bandcamp!


Electric Miles Mix, one hour and forty minutes of jazz, rock, psychedelic rock, funk, jazz-funk... No matter how you want to label it. A getaway into unequaled, supreme quality music that can hardly be emphasised enough.

Electric Miles Mix Dckne.jpg


This mix explores music played by Japanese jazz musicians and written for movies by Japanese composers, skilfully blended with some avant-garde jazz, a few drops of soul and hip-hop, and a pinch of psychedelic and spiritual unearthed gems that perfectly adjusts the seasoning.

Japanese Jazz, Soundtrack, Hip-hop & Spoken Word


"80s Japanese Fusion Summer Mix Vol.3", entirely put together by Shu Suzuki this time. As always about an hour of colourful and refreshing grooves from the 80s : Fusion jazz, city pop, funk, soul.. The perfect soundtrack to your summer!

80s Japanese Fusion vol.3 by Shu Suzuki


Thijsenterprise, the author of this mix, worked for several years in the renowned Bimhuis, a music venue in Amsterdam famous for it's jazz and improvised concerts. The beatmaker played many after show DJ-sessions and a 'best-of' song selection of these gigs, added with some new tunes, can be heard here. He labels these songs as "free swinging jazz dance", which you can't help but dance to!

Jazz Swing Mix


Red Mix, nearly an hour of classic and underground nineties hip-hop bangers selected by DJ/beatmaker duo Jazz Spastiks from Edinburgh. A great throwback to the golden age of hip-hop. let's dive back into the best music the nineties era gave to the world!

Jazz Spastiks Red Mix 90s hip-hop


Originally, "Les Paradis Artificiels" is the title of a psychedelic essay by French writer Charles Baudelaire from 1860, in which he writes how he feels after experimenting with various drugs. The first half of the book is about marijuana.

This 45-minute mix contains music produced by French and Japanese beatmakers. Some hip hop, jazz, mashups, original samples and a few 90s childhood tracks.

Paradis Artificiels Dckne Hip Hop Jazz


"Cinematic Soul" is a 100% vinyl mix composed of music inspired by films from mostly 1970's Black Cinema. Majority of the tracks combine traditional soul arrangements with orchestral instruments. The mix highlights the soundtrack work of various composers including: Manu Dibango, Mavin Gaye, Isaac Hayes, James Brown,Curtis Mayfield, Cecil Holmes, Badder Than Evil, Gene Page, Nat Dove, Roger Hamilton Spotts, Quincy Jones plus more.

Cinematic Soul Dday One Blaxpoitation Soul Funk Mix


An hour of underground French Jazz from the 70's, composed and performed by iconic pioneers such as François Tusques, Jef Gilson, or Henri Texier. The mix follows Magical Mystery Mix' '70s Jazz Mix' series, a collection of dusty grooves from the international Jazz scene.

Dckne 70s French Jazz Mix


90s Classic French Rap mix collection aims at displaying French rappers and producers' talent beyond the boarders of France, and paying homage to the cultural heritage they left behind. Feel free to give them props if you like their music, even if you don't speak French!

90s French Rap Hip-hop Mix by Dckne.jpg


The last part of 1970s Japanese Jazz series, more than an hour of deep Jazz brewed during the 70s in Japan. An hour of original compositions by the finest jazz musicians in Japan during the best jazz era ever!

70s Japanese Jazz mix Dckne


Nearly an hour of Soul, neo soul and soul gems selected and mixed by Detroit producer Tall Black Guy, for those that love that vibe!

Tall Black Guy Soul Neo Soul Neo Hip-hop mix


About an hour of jazzy old school video game & anime soundtrack music, blended with some obscure trip-hop, hip-hop, acid jazz & drum n bass gems selected and put together by Dckne.

90s Japanese Vibes mix by Dckne


For this mix, Xan has put together a collection of snippets through the genres of both traditional Japanese folk and acoustic with contemporary environmental ambient music. From Katsuka Yokoyama are two tracks presenting an example of shakuhachi music, an instrumental folk genre from the Edo period. The Shakuhachi flute, made from bamboo root, is blown straight into the end of the pipe as opposed to across the top, and is commonly played with the koto, a stringed instrument stemming from the Chinese zheng or zither...

Love Songs and Lamentations Mix by Xan Japanese Folk mix


Dday One is an American music producer, DJ from Los Angeles, California. He is known for his instrumental sample-based beats. Using the Sampler as his sole instrument and mainly drawing from nature, Free Jazz and World Music, his compositional process is rooted in the lineages of classic Hip Hop production and Electro-Acoustic music. Here's his magical mystery mix, a musical journey into experimental beats, downtempo, breakbeat, and abstract hip-hop.

Dday One Magical Mystery Mix