70s French Jazz Mix - by Dckne


This mix follows Magical Mystery Mix's '70s Jazz Mix' series by Dckne, a collection of dusty grooves selected from the underground international Jazz scene.

Underground French Jazz from the 70's, composed and performed by iconic pioneers from France such as, François Tusques, Jef Gilson, or Henri Texier, to name but a few.


01. Michel Sardaby - Welcome new warmth

02. Rhesus O - Éveil

03. Jef Gilson & Malagasy - Valiha Del

04. Baroque Jazz Trio - Orientasie

05. Edja Kungali - Jungle Dance

06. Jacques Thollot - Position stagnante de réaction stationnaire

07. Henri Texier - Le sage, le singe et les petits enfants

08. Jef Gilson, Malagasy - Hommage À Rakotozafy

09. Moving Gelatine Plates - Un Jour...

10. Jef Gilson, Malagasy - Buddah's Vision

11. Christian Zÿsset - Thème N° 3 Medium Free-Jazz

12. Daniel Humair, Jean Luc Ponty, Phil Woods, Eddy Louiss - La Sorcellerie

13. Richard Raux, Hamsa - A Coltrane

14. Mahjun - Chez Planos

15. Henri Texier - Angèle

16. Brigitte Fontaine - Moi aussi

17. Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra - 7 rue des Precheurs

18. Zao - Ataturc

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