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Dckne - Electric Miles Mix


Miles Davis and his electric period.. There are tons of articles, books and essays about the works, the history, the discography of the trompetist. But it is also important to take an interest in the musicians that accompanied the master in his musical journey. Billy Cobham, Chick Corea, Gary Bartz, Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul, John McLaughlin, Keith Jarrett, Lenny White, Ron Carter, Wayne Shorter... to name a few.

Miles Mix - by Dckne - Cover.jpg

Without them the masterpieces that Miles' electric period is comprised of wouldn't sound as perfect as they do ; and without Miles, the musicians probably wouldn't have outdone themselves the way they did... or the result surely wouldn't have been the same.


The purpose of this mix is to call to mind how funky, groovy, provocative, creative, vanguard and impeccable Miles Davis and his collective of virtuosos were, as an ensemble, and how heavily they enriched not only jazz, but global music heritage.


Electric Miles Mix, one hour and forty minutes of Jazz, Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Funk, Jazz-Funk... No matter how you want to label it, a getaway into unequaled, supreme quality music that can hardly be emphasised enough ⚡


01. 00:02 Intro

02. 00:35 Black Satin (Bill Laswell Modern Mix)

03. 04:36 U-Turnaround

04. 13:04 Hip-Skip

05. 16:12 Theme from Jack Johnson

06. 18:18 Maiysha

07. 20:01 Interlude

08. 20:29 On the Corner

09. 25:38 Spanish Key (Single Edit)

10. 28:22 Interlude

11. 28:53 Willie Nelson (Insert 1)

12. 34:43 Go Ahead John, part 2A

13. 41:39 Interlude

14. 42:25 Miles Runs the Voodoo Down

15. 46:40 Billy Preston

16. 59:11 Sivad

17. 1:02:34 John McLaughlin (Alternate Take)

18. 1:09:10 Holly-Wuud

19. 1:11:50 Interlude

20. 1:12:22 Bitches Brew

21. 1:22:03 Recollections

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