Muzik und Foto Mix


Hip-Hop, Jazz, Instrumental, Electronic


Mix by Cuthead
Cover art by Dckne

A one hour mix by Dresden based producer/beatmaker


Cuthead is a hip-hop cat, nevertheless he is not restricting himself to a single genre but producing what he can get his hands on such as Wonky, Dub, Dubstep, Techno, House and IDM/ Electronica ; just like this mix tainted with imagery, that has a strong hip-hop vein but also explores a diversity of other musical universes.

Tracklist :

01. Jun Miake - White rose

02. Chester Watson - Old Pictures

03. Cuthead - Upcoming 12“ on uncanny valley

04. Chuck Senrick - Don't be so nice

05. Timmy Thomas - Why cant we live together

06. Jerry Butler - You Don't Know What You Got until you loose it

07. Suff Daddy - Worst case scenario

08. Metabolix - Who I am

09. Wagon Christ - Introfuktion 

10. Vordul Mega - Neva again 

11. Dibiase - Just the way

12. Wax Tailor- Once upon a past

13. Sean Price - Don't wanna play

14. Cuthead - Real estate

15. Bulent Orctagil — Olmali Mi Olmamali Mi

16. Steve Parks - Still Thinking Of You

17. Horace Tapscott And The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra — Peyote Song No.III

18. BBU - Estonia

19. Suff Daddy - Now that you are mine

20. Enid Mosier / Trinidad steel band - petit brun doux doux

21. Vashti Bunyan - Winter is blue

22. Nora Orlandi - Il Dolce Corpo Di Deborah OST

23. Too Poetic - Savior

24. Cuthead - Too dark to see tomorrow  (upcoming 12"on uncanny valley)

25. Cuthead - Unreleased

26. Sounds Of Blackness - The Pressure pt.2




Cuthead :