Samurai Champloo Mix - by TSUTCHIE

A "Samurai Champloo" Mix by TSUTCHIE, whose exclusive interview is available here.

Chanpuruu (Champloo) : Okinawan for "something mixed". 

The term originates from the Indonesian word campur (pronounced "cham-poor"), meaning "mix". It is also an Okinawan stir fry dish, which generally consists of tofu combined with vegetables, meat, or fish. Luncheon meat, egg, moyashi (bean sprouts) and goya (bitter melon) are some other common ingredients.

TSUTCHIE (Shinji Tsuchida) crafted this original Samurai Champloo mix for MMM. Back in 2004, the producer from Kanagawa recorded two soundtracks for the anime series, including one in association with Force of Nature (KZA and DJ Kent).


The soundtracks - including two others produced by Nujabes and Fat Jon - undeniably contributed to the success of the anime, which blends feudal Japan and Hip-hop culture in a remarkably unique and stylised way. A perfect combination of modernity and olden days, Hip-hop beats and ronins.


🌻This new mix is a good occasion to immerse yourself (back) in this great adventure! It features a new artwork, inspired by the great covers that were made for Playlist and Masta 🌻

Samurai Champloo Mix

Tracklist :

01. 00:03 Thank You
02. 01:49 Sincerely
03. 03:44 Let me know what U think
04. 04:43 Pretending to…
05. 07:15 Raw Material
06. 09:07 Mists
07. 11:43 Process
08. 13:56 Breeezin’
09. 17:50 Seventythree [I ask]
10. 19:55 Deeper than Words
11. 23:12 YOU (featuring Kazami)
12. 28:08 Flip
13. 30:08 Strike Back
14. 31:56 Tuned
15. 32:56 Tubed [drum please!!!]
16. 36:10 The Updater
17. 37:28 Numbernine [back in TYO]
18. 39:27 FLY (featuring Riki Azuma from Small Circle of Friends)
19. 43:16 2 messages


Respect to Shinichiro Watanabe for his amazing work 🙏

Thanks and respect to TSUTCHIE for his availability and his kindness.

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