Sax Bass Trio Jazz Mix


Hard Bop, Ethereal Jazz, Modern Jazz, Bebop, New York Jazz


Mix by Mike Casey
Cover art by Dckne


"On a mission to be a passionate vessel for “jazz” in the 21st century."

A Jazz mix by New York based, jazz saxophonist Mike Casey. Mike's artistic output predominantly features - but far from limited to - the less common Saxophone / Bass / Drums trio format, a form he is particularly passionate about. This is why he decided to make this guest mix for Magical Mystery Mix highlighting some of his favorite cuts of his catalog along with influences in the format, showcasing the flexibility and versatility that can come with omitting guitar or piano...and above all, the Power of Three.

- Bringing the joy of jazz across genre lines to a diverse audience around the world -


Mike's searing sound, always aiming to tell a story, demands the attention of the listener. He's collaborated with GRAMMY/Emmy nominated artists as diverse as Nat Reeves, Benito Gonzalez, Brandee Younger, Zaccai Curtis, Justin Faulkner, Marc Cary, Apple Juice Kid and some of his generation's finest like Julius Rodriguez, Andrew Renfroe, Taber Gable, & Alex Claffy. Mike loves to pose musical "questions" to the audience, keeping them engaged, & FEELING. Cognitive dissonance is a core concept in Mike’s work, which has brought him to notable stages like the Kennedy Center, BRIC Jazz Fest, Auditori Nacional, Minton's, Ginny's, Jamboree, & Future Music Forum.





Mike Casey - Feel The Bern

JD Allen - Sura Hinda

Mike Casey - Shift

Brooklyn Circle (Stacy Dillard, Ismail Lawal, Diallo House) - Dark

Mike Casey - Law of Attraction

Fly Trio (Mark Turner, Larry Grenadier, Jeff Ballard) - State of The Union

Mike Casey - Heartbreak (Live)

Thomas Chapin - Changes 2 Tyres (Studio)

Mike Casey - Cold Blooded Blues (Live)

Branford Marsalis - Citizen Tain

Stephen Riley - Chelsea Bridge

Mike Casey - Dagobah (Live)

Sonny Rollins - Woody'N'You (Evening) (Live)

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