Neo Soulful Hip Hop Mix


Soulful Lyricism - by ArmstrongWW


Mix by ArmstrongWW
Cover art by Dckne


"Soulful Lyricism is a mix to start and end the day right."

Born in Cameroon and raised in Houston, ArmstrongWW is a one of a kind songwriter and musician who takes the term genreless to a new level. His inspirations include Mac Miller, Sam Cooke, Kendrick Lamar, and other versatile musicians who helped shaped his newfound sound. With life still ahead of the young artist, he is keen to provide the world with more music from the soul.

This mix showcases the versatility of artists in the Hip-hop genre who can effortlessly combine soul and rap to create masterful music. Featuring new age artists like Kam Robinson and seasoned veterans, “Soulful Lyricism” is a mix to start and end the day right.

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'Neo-Hip-hop' doesn't boil down to mumble rap


16 Hip-hop tracks, showing that the genre is far from being dead. Featuring some of the best independent emcees from the current, new rap scene, such as Marcellus JuvannFletcher.Xavy RusanO.E.Tim gentNick Bowen’sKruellaDeRelle.. and of course ArmstrongWW.




00:00​ - Marcellus Juvann - Thin Line

05:16​ - Fletcher. - Pray4u

07:05​ - Troi Blank - Mango Haze (ft. Jasper Typical)

09:35​ - Erik Cain - Red Handed

12:52​ - Xavy Rusan - Spare Changes

16:06​ - O.E. - lvl freestyle

17:53​ - Your Grandparents - So Damn Fly

20:59​ - ArmstrongWW - Control

24:26​ - Dre’es - Mangos 2016

27:20​ - Kam Robinson - Maybe One Care

29:31​ - Tim gent - Look & Live

32:53​ - YTK - Gilligan

35:50​ - Nick Bowen’s - Dear World

39:15​ - Nappi Devi - 5 on 2

43:20​ - ArmstrongWW - Truth Never Lies

46:03​ - KruellaDeRelle - 48

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