Xan - Love Songs and Lamentations Mix : Japanese Folk, Country, Ambient & Acoustic

For this mix, Xan has put together a collection of snippets through the genres of both traditional Japanese folk and acoustic with contemporary environmental ambient music.

From Katsuka Yokoyama are two tracks presenting an example of shakuhachi music, an instrumental folk genre from the Edo period. The Shakuhachi flute, made from bamboo root, is blown straight into the end of the pipe as opposed to across the top, and is commonly played with the koto, a stringed instrument stemming from the Chinese zheng or zither. From Itsuroh Shimoda, Hako Yamasaki, Gu, and Kenji Endo are some pieces of 70s acoustic soul crooners and folk blues. Interludes of ambient environmental electronic are provided byTakashi Kokubo and Susumu Yokota.