Xan - A Decade of Venezuela & Brazil : 1969 - 1979

Xan, Neuroscience & Ethnomusicology student from Melbourne, Australia, recently joined Magical Mystery Mix. This is her first mix for the channel.

Mix from Xan presenting a smorgasboard of bossa nova, musica popular brasileira (MPB), afro-cuban, psychedelia, rumba, latin & funk. From Venezuela, you can listen out for snippets of Joropo music, a native folk rhythm similar to Spanish fandango with it's the use of triple metre, guitar, castanets, hand-clapping, and accompanying dance. Maria Teresa's 'Tonada' is an example of Joropo, reinvented with the use of synthesisers upon what is usually a more acoustic set-up. Os Mutantes' cover of Jorge Ben's 'Carolina, Carol Bela' is an example of Tropicalia, a music movement in Brazil in the 60s and 70s that experimented with meter, time signature, political commentary, and the fusion of modern bossa nova and MPB with blues and soul music.